Are greek food and Indian cuisine similar? What are the possible reasons?

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Are greek food and Indian cuisine similar? What are the possible reasons?

When you visit the Greek restaurant, you will notice that greek food is welcoming. Even for vegetarians, there is the option to try something tasty and delectable.

Greek cuisine is the meal of fresh and tasty ingredients

If we need to sum up the Greek cuisine, then it is everything about seasonal vegetables and fresh vegetables. Apart from that, salads, non-processed cheese, extra virgin olive oil, herbs & condiments are added to it. It is even loaded with meat and seafood of every kind. Well! It calls out for the Mediterranean diet.


Melitzanosalata, is one of those terms which people cannot understand on the first go. This popular dish is made of smoked eggplant which is either grilled or smoked puree, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, olive oil, and onion.

If you are an Indian, then it will remind you of Bharta. Not just it is made of eggplant but in taste, it is also the same. This Indian meal is made through eggplant, tomatoes, and chopped garlic. Just try it once and you will want to have more of it.


Tzatziki is another meal whose main ingredient is yogurt and along with that, it contains garlic, dill, cucumber, vinegar, and little oil. When you try this Greek cuisine, it will remind you of the Indian raitas. You will get to try its similar variants.

However, there is a slight difference which you can notice in the Greek version as it is creamier and thicker. You can have it with meze which are small dishes, which can be baked, fried, spicy or savory, hot or cold, and grilled. Being a gourmet, it is a pleasure to try anything and everything.

Starters are everyone goes to

Before jumping on the main source, you should give it a try to the starters. It is something which will crave you to have more and more. You can give try to Keftedes which are similar to meal balls or vegetables. It is kind of the same as the koftas sans gravy.


Dolmadakia is one of the dishes which is loaded with rice and vegetables and stuffing is of cabbage leaves or vine. Its perfecto taste is because it is steamed.

It is kind of similar to what people make in India through yam and colocasia which have gained huge demand.

Greek and Indians follow the tradition to dine out

It is not just about cooking but the tradition they follow to eat is also the same as Indians. There are different eating joints and Indians also call it Dhabas.

Basically, both the options are tasty and mouthful. You will have a feast that is colorful, welcoming, and fresh at the same time. Want to give any of these things a try, then visit our restaurant.

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