Everything you need to know about traditional Greek cuisine

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Everything you need to know about traditional Greek cuisine


Greek food is famous for different dishes, zesty salads, and grilled meat. Being the southernmost country in Europe, Greece is known for its Mediterranean climate. If you are going to visit the cafe in Sydney or Greek restaurant for the first time then you can find different dishes. Read this blog, to understand better about the traditional greek cuisine.

Traditional Seafood Platter

Well, its position in the Aegean has provided access to seafood. Traditional Greek food is known for high-quality ingredients, fresh herbs, and different family recipes which are known for their amazing taste. Additionally, the greek food is the healthiest and it is known as the classic cuisine.

 Classic Ingredients

The main ingredients of the traditional greek food include herbs, thyme, olive oil, cheese, pork, lamb, shrimp, wine, beef, pork, tomatoes, and rosemary. Other greek specialties include cheese, baklava, sausage, olives, honey, yogurt, and olive oil.

 Traditional Greek Foods

Once the starters are finished, the main course is going to come out. Depending on where you are present in Greece, traditional dishes can range from fresh-caught mullet, roasted pork, grilled lamb chops, and octopus. On the islands, fresh seafood is going to be found all year long. In the best restaurants, you find that the dishes have seasonal ingredients & the customers will get fresh food.

Greek salads

Greeks love the meat in excess and they also understand that the meal needs to be properly balanced. If the greek meal does not contain a large and zesty salad then it is not considered complete. One of the most classic salad options is village salad or xoriatiki Salata. In this salad, feta cheese, onions, olive oil, oregano, and cucumbers are added.


With the traditional greek meal, it is going to end with something sweet. The dessert lovers are everywhere and when you visit Greece you are going to find the best sweets. Well, some of them are simple but some of them need great expertise to make them with perfection. If the fastidious phyllo dough needs to be used then a great level of perfection is needed. Greek bakers have their secrets to prepare classic desserts.

If you have invited someone to your home then you should give them the box of pastry or dessert you brought from the bakery.

 Traditional Foods for Holidays and Special Occasions

In Greece, the Greek Orthodox Church is the major institution and one of the estimates have shown that around 90% of people believe in this. Mostly, the Greeks follow the dietary requirements on the feast days, and on Friday the use of cheese and meat is not allowed. For every holiday there is something special on the Greek food menu.

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