How Australia’s love and preference for greek cuisine evolved with time?

How Australia’s love and preference for greek cuisine evolved with time?
Greek food

How Australia’s love and preference for greek cuisine evolved with time?

Following the Second World War when the greek immigrants flocked to Australia, they did not realize that the greek food would be loved in such a way. Visiting the best greek restaurant Sydney, you will notice that you get ample of dishes which you might have not tried anywhere.

Slow beginnings

No doubt, greek cuisine took its time to come into the Australian environment as compared to other cuisines. From 19202 to the 1960s, the Greek cafes thrived in different cities and it was all about the milkshakes & mixed grills. But with time, things changed and many new things came into the food market.

It was noticed that there are 2 worlds, first was when the shop got opened and the second was when the shop was closed. On Sundays, the greek food options were given preference which was taken for granted like lamb baked with garlic, lemon, spinach, cabbage rolls, and beans added in olive oil.

Interesting flavors and taste

As world war 2 ended, the world came to know about the new flavors and tastes. Even the Australian government noticed the new taste, smell, and type of food.

In Australia, a large number of Europeans came from the Mediterranean part like Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Lebanon. The food which came into the market was not even seen by many at the time. You can say that within no time, Australian food cuisine has incorporated the greek meal.

Greek cuisine has seen a spike

In today’s scenario, it is clear that Australia has seen a different kind of impact of Greek meals. There are certain dishes like souvlaki, saganaki, taramasalata, loukoumades, moussaka, and spanakopita which are important parts of the greek meal. From street food to high-end you can try anything which you like the most.

Combination of seasonal and finest ingredients

In the contemporary greek flavors, there is a perfect blend of traditional and seasonal ingredients. Be it slow-cooked meat or succulent seafood, you can try anything at your favorite restaurant

With time, greek cuisine has evolved a lot. One of the things which will be the same and has remained the same is that Greek families love to enjoy food together & this is what they try to follow at any Greek restaurant in Australia. If you are someone who has a love for food, then Greek cuisine should be on your list.

Serving the customers with the best service

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