What are the topmost fast casuals which are a must-try for Greek street food?

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What are the topmost fast casuals which are a must-try for Greek street food?


The demand for greek food has increased with time. Additionally, greek street food is the latest craze among food enthusiasts. When you visit your favorite greek restaurant you can try Mediterranean cuisine and its demand has been growing with time. With this option, the customers will get customizable, and healthy items that they can enjoy on the go.

2941 Street Food

The Michigan-based 2941 street food serves the customers delectable street snack items. Their menu includes the lamb sausage, harissa wings, tomato-kalamata pie, and many more. Along with that, there is a samoon sandwich and you can choose the bowl as per your preference. If the customers want they can add olive oil to their food to make it tasty.                                      

Cava Grill

Cava opened around 10 years back and it has noticed the growth at a slow pace. Now it has been expanded to around 28 locations and its venture has been getting increased profits. Cava’s menu provides the customers with customizable Mediterranean salads, pitas, and bowls with different ingredients. Not only that, but you can even get different teas, wines, beer, and juices.

Covo Greek Street Food

Its Chicago location was closed in one year and later they set up shop in the suburb area. There was a slight name change and the focus was shifted to on-the-go nature. Customers can choose the salad, pita, bowl, or plate. You can choose the topping and sauces as per your own choice. One of the greek donut types is loukoumades which can be served and fried in just 60 seconds.

Yalla Mediterranean

Last year, Yalla’s parent company converted itself into the Yalla Mediterranean units. You can get a different combo of Mediterranean cuisine which features the items with the combination of falafel and shawarma. Apart from that, you can also try different salads and meat skewers.

Estia Greek Street Food

It is known for serving the customers with greek staples like bowls and gyro wraps. Vegan food items, gluten-free, and vegetarian food items are marked with bold colors. So, for anyone who has certain dietary restrictions, it allows them to easily choose everything they want to eat.

DOX Quality Greek

The DOX quality Greek is the soon-to-open concept that includes sandwiches, salads, skewers, greek desserts, and appetizers. Also, you can have the pita bread. With this option, only the grass-fed and organic ingredients are used.

Avli Rotisserie

It provides the customer with a full-service Greek restaurant. It serves the customers salads, gyros, and chicken. For the sides, you can have rotisserie potatoes, along with homemade mac & cheese.

Saloniki Greek

Their greek menu focuses on the customizable gyros which are made with fresh ingredients. You can have different options like barrel-aged feta, pita chips, and greek fries

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