What are the different types of wines you can pair with Greek cuisines?

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What are the different types of wines you can pair with Greek cuisines?

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Moussaka, greek salad, dolmades, spanakopita, etc made with fresh ingredients like cheese, curd, olive oil, herbs, and more. But if you want to increase the taste of the dish, then you can order delectable varieties with wine from a Greek restaurant or cafe in sydney. The best way to enjoy Greek food. But for that, you should be aware of both Greek food and wines. If you want to know more about it in detail, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to talk about some wines that you can pair with greek food easily.

White Wines
If you are fond of drinking white wine, then do not drink it all alone. Pair it with delicious Greek food. Moschofilero, retsina, and chardonnay will go with food like zucchini in stewed tomatoes, greek olives, baked feta cheese. Retsina is a very popular wine that is made with resin taste. You can drink it while having fish, lobster, spanakopita, vegetable dishes, and more. Below are different types of white wine that you can taste while having greek food.

Greek chardonnay is known as white wine. It is made by adding honey, vanilla, and oak. You can pair it with cuisines that are mentioned below:

• Fatty cheese
• Grilled calamari
• Pasta with cream sauces
• Oysters and more.

Moschofilero is another white wine. It is made with white wine grapes. It is a dry wine that you can pair with several cuisines like spicy dishes, greek salad, grilled chicken on skewers,

Red Wine
Greek red wines involve xinomavro, moschomavro, stavroto, and krasato. You can drink red wine with meat like lamb, pork, and steak. You can also pair it with other Greek dishes like fruits, olives, and more. Below are some different types of red wine that you should taste.

• Moschomavro
It is grown in some parts of Thessaly & Macedonia. It is a dry wine having flavors of blackberry as well as other fruits. The wine grape Moschomavro means fragrant black, deep, and red color. You can pair this wine with different varieties such as bread, greek cheese, and olives.

This wine is grown in northern Greece as well as in Macedonia. Xinomavro is having a tannic structure & acidity. You can best pair it with meats. While thinking about pairing xinomavro, then lam is a preferable choice. But you can also pair it with coq au vin, sausages, meat stew, cheddar, mushroom risotto, and flavored cheese.

Savroto & Krassto
It is grown on the southern slopes of Mount Olympus. You can get the flavors of fruits as well as spices. You can pair the cuisine with moussaka, an eggplant dish, grilled lamb, and meat dishes.

Final Thought
The above-stated wines are the ones you can pair with greek food. Always remember to try deep red wines when you are eating heavy meat dishes. When you’re eating veggies make sure you are choosing light wines. There are various wines available to you. So while eating try various wines and we are sure you are going to love the combination of wine with greek food.

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