What are the Greek dietary guidelines and compare them with the Americans?

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What are the Greek dietary guidelines and compare them with the Americans?

Dietary guidelines prevent individuals from falling deficient in certain nutrients. Greek food is considered the healthiest and tastiest food in the world. That is why some dietary guidelines were issued to ensure that there is the fulfilment of all the essential nutrients. A Greek restaurant or cafe follows all the guidelines with the motive to maintain the health of their customers.

What is the difference between the Dietary guidelines of Greeks and Americans?

Subsequent are the major differences between the Greek dietary guidelines and American dietary guidelines:

  • Consumption of Vegetables

Greek guidelines aim at the consumption of at least four cups of vegetables. But the American guidelines have restricted this consumption up to only one and a half cups.

  • Fats

Greek guidelines aim at the consumption of five tablespoons of fats. But the USA has suggested to intake fat only 5 teaspoons.

  • Legumes

Greeks are of the viewpoint that legumes play a significant role in building the protein content in the body That is why they have suggested consumption of legumes up to 3 cups per week. Contrary to that Americans have suggested only one and a half cups per week.

  • Consumption of processed meats

Greek guidelines strictly aim at avoiding the consumption of processed meat. But the American guidelines have not shown any such concern.

  • Red meat

Greek guidelines have strongly restricted the consumption of red meat to only one serving.

What are the dietary guidelines for Greek adults?

  • Consumption of variegated fruits, vegetables, and grains. One must consume fresh varieties and when consuming grains, make sure you are preferring whole grains.
  • Do not keep on consuming too much fat. Opting low-fat from dairy products is highly recommended.
  • Neglect consumption of the following:
  • Red meat
  • Processed meat
  • One is suggested to consume seafood in moderation. Because seafood is also an important factor in building up the essential nutrients in one’s body.
  • Legumes and olive oil should be incorporated into the dietary plan. Olive oil is considered the first choice of fat of Greek natives.
  • Cut the consumption of the following and the products containing them:
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • One does not eat too less that he falls under the category of underweight. On the other hand consumption of food should not be so excessive that it makes you go over-weight.
  • One should drink more and more water.
  • One can have the following meal which is according to the dietary guidelines.
  • Briana which is considered as the greek form or version of ratatouille. This is a very simple and elegant dish. In this dish, variegated vegetables are cooked along with:
  • Olive Oil
  • Feta Cheese
  • Bread
  • If one is a great fan of pasta, then Greek guidelines have borne this thing in mind and have given the Pasta-Lovers the relaxation to have Octopus with Past accompanied with Boiled Vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Following dietary guidelines is always the best solution to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some time ago American dietary guidelines were issued. Those guidelines emphasized the consumption of Mediterranean style eating. But everyone believed that these guidelines were highly influenced by the political powers.

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