What are the topmost easy and delicious greek food recipes which you need to cook?

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What are the topmost easy and delicious greek food recipes which you need to cook?


These Greek cuisine is going to give you the perfect burst of flavors and even if you are not well-versed in the kitchen you should give these greek food recipes a try. If you are visiting the cafe in Sydney or greek restaurant then make sure to try something different every time. In this article, we are going to take you through some of the most delicious and amazing greek recipes which you need to try

  • Koulourakia (Greek Butter Cookies)

Traditionally these are easter cookies and you have this treat all year-round. These are made with butter and semi-sweet. The gentle touch of vanilla and butter helps to make the entire taste better. While making the cookies you can give them any shape you want to. Just try it once and you are going to love this recipe. To have the perfect taste of it you should try them with milk or coffee.

You need sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla, or butter which helps the dough to taste even better. If you want to add a little crunch then you can top it with sesame seeds. You need to bake them for 20 minutes or till they get golden brown.

  • Spanakopita

This is one single dish on the greek menu which you will want to eat over and over again. This pie has spinach layers and the feta-spinach is added which helps to make it a delicious snack or you can even enjoy it as the main dish. It is easy to cook and simple to make, & that’s all that we need. The filling which is put between the buttery layers is loaded with onions, spinach, fresh herbs, spices, and loads of cheese. Bake it for 25 to 25 minutes. You can enjoy it fresh or keep it in the freezer so that you can enjoy it on other days.

  • Saganaki

Saganaki is like an appetizer and it tastes amazing. This dish is extremely simple but still, the taste of it is something which makes you have it. All you need is lemons, firm cheese, flour, and olive oil. You can choose the option of graviera cheese if that is not available then you can look for something similar. Choose something which melts too fast. Keep the cheese wed\ges in cold water and then pan-fry them in olive oil till they get golden brown. While serving them you can squeeze lemon on the top to make them taste better. This simple yet delicious recipe gets ready in 25 minutes.

  • Tzatziki (Cucumber Yogurt Dip)

One of the most important parts of Greek cuisine is tzatziki. This recipe is so simple to make that anyone can learn it. You can use it along with a simple dip of pita bread, gyros, or souvlaki. This dish is simple but extremely versatile. This dish gets ready in 20 minutes.

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