What are the topmost easy greek food recipes which anyone can cook?

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What are the topmost easy greek food recipes which anyone can cook?

Greek lovers know how their food is the best, not just in taste but in the method of cooking. If you visit the Greek restaurant or cafe you will find several delicious and toothsome dishes which are best in every sense. Well, the greek menu has every dish which serves the purpose from breakfast to dinner.

  • Koulourakia (Butter cookies)

These are the traditional easter cookies that can be enjoyed all year round. The butter cookies have a gentle flavor and it contains vanilla & butter. Moreover, you can twist them in any shape you like. Once they are baked it becomes hard and it makes the best choice with milk or coffee. There is a requirement for eggs, flour, sugar, and vanilla to make the dough. Sesame seeds are optional which is great to add a crunch to it. You can shape in with the cookie cutter. It will be ready within 45 minutes.

  • Spanakopita

If there is something which gets you hooked to the greek food is spanakopita. With this option, there is the feta-spinach mix which makes the best snack or it can serve as a light main dish. Moreover, it is easy to make. Within the layers, there are fresh herbs, spices, feta cheese, onions, and spinach. It is ready to be served within one hour.

  • Katarina Zuinc

Its other name is saganaki which is not only tasty but it makes the best appetizer. This simple dish is one of the best options on a greek menu. You simply need lemons, flour, olive oil, and firm cheese. You can even select a similar product that can hold its shape without melting easily. Once it is ready you can serve it by squeezing lemon on the top. It will be ready within 25 minutes.

  • Tzatziki

One of the simplest and tasty options on the greek menu is tzatziki. You can make it easier. Just learn it from scratch. It can be used in the form of dip for pita bread with gyros or souvlaki. This option is versatile and best in every sense. The time which takes most of the time is peel, seed, and diced cucumbers. In that, you need to add greek yogurt, olive oil, fresh herbs, sour cream, and seasoning. After that mix it and it will be ready to serve in 20 minutes.

  • Lamb

Lamb is one of the best greek cuisines which is a popular type of meat and you can enjoy it even more in a hearty stew. Most of the time for this dish is taken in preparing the ingredients. Once you have done it, you need to wait till the time they gently simmer. It will be ready within 2 hours.

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