What are the topmost health secrets you need to know about Greek food?

Greek food

What are the topmost health secrets you need to know about Greek food?

Amazing Health Secrets of Greek Food

Greece is one of the places which is known for its breathtaking view. Along with the perfect view, greek food is delectable and toothsome. From breakfast to dinner, when you visit the greek restaurant or cafe in Sydney you will get some of the finest cuisines with the best ingredients. The greek platter is filled with a variety of flavours and colours.

  • The olive oil and extra virgin olive oil is a must

This oil is extracted by pressing the olives, and it has a sharp fruit flavor. This oil is made without industrial refining or chemicals. The taste and quality are different varieties of olives. Greece is home to the finest olives which is great for making the entire dish taste the best and it becomes healthier also.

At Skyros, our chef makes sure the finest olive oils are added to every greek dish. The method of cold-pressing ensures that oil is extracted in the best manner.

  • Addition of fresh ingredients to increase the flavors

In the greek dishes, seasonal & fresh items are added. From the vegetables to fruits, everything is of the finest quality & this is the reason it is great for adding simplicity to the dish. Vegetables might be roasted or served raw so that the flavor remains the best. One of the secrets of mouth-watering Greek dishes is the use of the finest quality ingredients.

  • Organic ingredients are preferred a lot

Greek cuisine is made with organic ingredients, and one of them is honey. This option is great as compared to refined sugar, and it is used in various desserts. Some of the garden’s fresh options are potatoes, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, and aubergine. The way food tastes and its quality is something which you cannot ignore.

  • Greek dishes are known for simplicity

Greek chefs are known for cooking food with simplicity. They prefer healthy methods of cooking like steaming, grilling, and roasting. They put more emphasis on one cooking light and limit the use of heavy sauces and spices. They prefer to use subtle spices that add flavor to the dish like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.

  • Herbs are beneficial

The greek mountains contain many locally used herbs and spices. With the addition of fresh herbs, any simple meal can turn into something amazing. However, some of them are considered natural healers. On the greek dishes, various herbs are added like dill, parsley, oregano, and thyme.

  • Sip on some red wine

With your favorite dish, you should sip on some red wine as Greece is known as the oldest-wine producing region in the world. Its favorable climate helps to grow the best types of grapes. So, to make your meal the best you should consume red wine in moderate amounts.

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