What are the topmost traditional greek foods which you need to give a try?

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What are the topmost traditional greek foods which you need to give a try?

Greece is home to one of the finest ingredients in the world. Stepping in history helps you get ample of interesting cuisines to make your entire meal perfect. If you are someone who loves travelling and tries to look for delectable Greek food then make sure you visit the best greek restaurant. In this blog, we are going to mention the tastiest greek dishes which you need to give a try.

  • Taramasalata

One of the mainstay Greek meals is the classic dips which include the tzatziki. It includes cucumber, garlic, yogurt, fava (Creamy split pea puree), and melitzanosalata (aubergine). But the delectable fish roe tip (taramasalata) is one of the best options you need to give a try. It is like a creamy blend of pink or white fish roe which comes along with bread base or potato. To make the entire taste even better you can drizzle virgin olive oil or squeeze lemon on top.

  • Olives and olive oil

Greece is famous for having the best type of olives which are known for making the dish taste the best. Some people say that Athena gave the city of Athens the olive tree. Greek meals come along with local olives and some are added in the hearty sea salt brine, eaten uncured from the tree, or others are the wrinkly troubles. It is best to cook them and add them to the salad & drizzle over the different dishes and dips. When you visit the best restaurant you will notice that they make their rosemary-flavored olives which are perfect for making the dish taste even better.

  • Dolmades

Every Greece region has its version of dolmades. It might be the hollowed-out vegetables like peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, and these can be baked & stuffed in the oven. The stuffing is different and it is loaded with minced meats with vegetarian versions that boast rice, long-grain rice, or different options of herbs. One of the best parts of Greek food is the herbs which are in different options like fennel, dill, thyme, and oregano. Many chefs and people who cook at home use pine nuts to make the dish delicious and fresh.

  • Moussaka

One of the iconic Greek oven-bake options is the option of different layers which include the minced lan, fried pureed tomato, garlic, onion, the very little amount of potato, spices like allspice & cinnamon. After that comes the addition of cheese and sauce to make the entire dish mouth-watering.

  • Grilled meat

Greece is famous for its spit-roasted and charcoal-grilled meats. It contains chunks of skewered pork which is one of the famous Greek foods. You can include chopped onions and tomatoes which are added to pitta bread and there is the addition of tzatziki lashings. You can even add gyros to the dish which is done in the same manner.

  • Fresh fish

If you want to try something ancient and which is loved by the local people then go with the incredible taste and it is cooked with minimum fuss.

So, these are some of the greek food options which you need to give a try. If you are looking for the best restaurant near you then visit us today only.

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