What are the various greek dishes which have the ultimate health benefits?

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What are the various greek dishes which have the ultimate health benefits?

Home recipes are what children remember when growing up. They used to tell their friends,” My mother makes the kind of stew which nobody can make.” But as we move forward and talk about greek food, there are uncountable homey recipes whose taste itself is enough to make one experience heaven. A greek restaurant or a cafe is known to recreate and bring about the best possible taste out of the homey recipes. So let us begin.

  • Giouvarlakia

This dish is not only the tastiest one but is enriched with almost all the nutrients. In this greek dish, every healthy ingredient is incorporated in that way that it would not ruin the taste of the element of the dish.

It is basically a greek homey recipe in which meatballs are the primary element. The special thing about the meatballs is that they have the tenderness of cooked rice in them. These meatballs are included in the soup. The soup is made with two predominant innards and these are:

  • Egg
  • Lemon
  • Giouvetsi

For pasta lovers, Giouvetsi has brought about the nutritious version of pasta. In this greek homey recipe, one can make use of any of the following:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb

The above-written non veg items are cooked with the tender pasta in the yummy and tangy tomato sauce. The flavor enhancing elements of this dish are:




  • Gigantes

This greek dish is the best and tastiest vegan dish. This dish satisfies all the health-related guidelines issued in the form of greek dietary guidelines. The hero ingredient of this dish is legumes. Legumes are cooked in tasty gravy made with all the greek flavors. Legumes are considered as the food of the poor. So this dish is the best for providing a full bowl of nutrition to poverty afflicted people.

  • Mac and octopus

This dish is the favorite of all those who are sea-food lovers and pasta lovers. This dish basically aims at incorporating both elements together. The choice of pasta depends upon one’s likings and preferences. But the conventional pasta which has been used to bring about the best flavor and potential of this dish is ‘Macaroni’. Both the seafood and macaroni are cooked in savory tomato sauce.

  • Pastitsio

Whenever one mentions greek food, the only dish which comes to one’s mind is Moussaka. But Pastitsio is that kind of dish in which the following ingredients are beautiful cooked:

Penne Pasta (You can choose the pasta of your choice)

Bolognese pasta sauce

Cheesy bechamel

All the above-written items are cooked in the oven at the required temperature. The cheesiness of bechamel enhances the taste and flavor of the entire dish.

Final Thoughts

Greek dishes are famous because they have to recreate from their conventional flavor. These dishes are known to pick out the best health benefits. If one is following the greek diet, he can’t suffer from any nutrient deficiency. Moreover, one can enjoy health and taste simultaneously.

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