What do you need to know about the coffee culture in Greece before your next trip?

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What do you need to know about the coffee culture in Greece before your next trip?

Greece is one of the famous places for sight-seeing and enjoying leisure time the most. Not just the architectural units are worth seeing but the delicious & toothsome greek food is famous among the tourists. Most importantly, Greek Coffee is extremely famous among people. If you are someone who loves to have coffee then read this blog to understand better about Greek coffee so that you enjoy every sip of it when you visit the greek restaurant or cafe in Sydney

Coffee is an essential part of Greek Culture

In different parts of Europe, coffee is an important part of Greek culture. Greece is famous for its coffee hundreds of years ago. No doubt, with the change in time young people, follow the new trends to enjoy the coffee in the best way possible. The chilled frappe or espresso coffee is famous in the young generation. Well, it can be seen because Greece comes at number 15 in terms of coffee.

One of the statistics has shown that every year one person consumes around 5.4 Kg of coffee. This is extremely high as compared to the English, Americans, and French.

Greece and it’s coffee heritage

Without a doubt, coffee has been an important part of Greek culture. Greece’s history has been changed in history but the cultural continuity is maintained.

The first existence was coffee from during the Ottoman empire. With time, the coffee tradition became famous in the world. Even after hundreds of years, coffee has been an important part of Greek culture. You can also say that it is considered as the ‘greek thing to do.’

 Coffee Culture in Greece

The way Greek coffee has become an important part of the country is kind of similar to what you will find in different parts of the world.

Moreover, if you go to someone’s house or ask someone to come to your place, coffee is the first thing which will be asked for.

Coffee shops in Greece are the same as compared to other countries. If you see carefully then you will notice slight distinctions.

Two types of Greek cafes: cafeteria and kafeneio.

  • A kafeteria is like a typical cafe. Its design might be different and it is a trendy place to hang out. Some of them are opened during the day and some of them turn into the bar.
  • A kafeneio is a coffee shop, but usually, it is owned by old men. It is the perfect place for the greek old people to discuss political stuff, play cards, or spend their time wisely.

 Drinking coffee in Greece

In the coffee there are different level of sweetness and every person can have them according to their taste:

  • Sketos (no sugar)
  • Metrios (one sugar)
  • Glykos (sweet, two sugars)
  • Variglykos (very sweet, more than two sugars)
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