What you should know about the greek traditional salad and why it is best?

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What you should know about the greek traditional salad and why it is best?

Enjoy greek food to the maximum

Greek traditional salad is also known as “Xoriatiki salata”, and its popularity is all over the world. Greek salad is easy to make, and with just a few ingredients you will have a delicious and fulfilling meal. It is one of the most selling meals at the greek restaurant as everyone prefers to have healthy food options.

The sun-ripened tomatoes may make their taste the best. The addition of cucumber is fascinating, or the option of olive oil makes the taste best in every sense. The greek salad and greek food is loved by everyone for different reasons. If you want to make it then are some of the things which you need to be careful of.

Do’s and Don’ts while preparing Greek Salad

  • Do not add the green leaves

Some people like to put greens in the salad like lettuce, spinach, and romano salad. If you do so, then this is not the right way to prepare your greek salad. In your greek salad, you should not add greens, and it does not contain anything like this. What you can load in the greek salad is onion, cucumber, tomato, and green pepper.

One of the amazing facts is that in Sweden people add Greek salad to their salad to make it appetizing, and it also helps in increasing its taste even more. However, with the greek salad, you should not include the green leaves.

  • Buy the best quality olive oil

While buying the olive oil, make sure that you buy the quality one. Greek people have a different love for olive oil. Make sure that you put the quality olive oil and in the proper amount in your greek salad. You can add as much olive oil you want to your greek salad to make it taste the best.

  • Olives are an important part of Greek salad

The olives which are added in the Greek salad are referred to as Kalamon olives or Green black Kalamata. It means that these olives come from the kalamata in Greece, and these are the best ones to add to your greek salad. Just visit your nearby store or supermarket, and grab your hands on these amazing olives.

  • Dried oregano is the preferred herb

Dried oregano is one of the preferred herbs that makes the salad taste palatable. If you want you can even add fresh parsley to it which goes perfectly with red onion and tomato. Nevertheless, if you want to have your greek salad on point, then you should opt for oregano.

  • Go for feta cheese

To make your greek salad you need to include feta cheese and do not go for the salad cheese (It is made of cow milk). You might not know but feta cheese has a patent on it, and it should be made from sheep or goat milk. Both of the cheese options are different in flavors. If you want to have the authentic taste of Greek salad then make sure to include Greek feta cheese.

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