Which are the traditional food options that are a must-try in Greek cuisine?

Which are the traditional food options that are a must-try in Greek cuisine?
Greek food

Which are the traditional food options that are a must-try in Greek cuisine?

Topmost mouth-watering and delectable Greek cuisine option

Being a traveler myself, I always look for different food options which are healthy and delicious at the same time. Without a doubt, one name which always comes to my mind is Greek food. On my visit to Sydney, I stumbled upon the best greek restaurant Sydney. No doubt, greek cuisine has a traditional touch to it which makes it a favorite of everyone. When it started to dip deep into this cuisine, I became familiar with the greek traditional dishes which are worth the try.


Taramasalata is like a mainstay meal which is known for the classic dips and these include the following:

TaramasalataFish roe dip
TzatzikiYogurt, garlic, and cucumber
FavaCreamy split pea purée

The first option is a must-try as the creamy blend is a delight to the taste buds and it comes along with bread base or potato. You should have it with lemon drops, or drizzle virgin oil over the top.

Olives and olive oil

Greeks and their love for olives & olive oil goes hand in hand. Greek meals come along with local olives & other sea salt brine. Also, olive oil is used for cooking and salads which can be topped on the different dishes and dip.


Dolmades come in different variations depending on everyone’s liking. The classic one is all about the vine leaf parcel or hollowed out vegetables which include peppers, vegetables, and courgettes. The process includes stuffing and baking it in the oven. The stuffing is made of:

  • Long-grain rice
  • Vegetarian versions boast rice flavored
  • Herb combinations include dill, fennel, thyme, and oregano.


Moussaka is available in different types but everyone’s favorite is layers of sauteed aubergine, fried pureed tomato, minced lamb, onion, garlic, and several spices. A little amount of potato is added along with bechamel sauce & cheese.

Grilled meat

Greeks are known for their technique of charcoal-grilled meat. Souvlaki which is a skewered pork is mostly preferred by everyone. One of the tastiest fast foods which are served with onions & chopped tomatoes. Gyro is another option that is served with the same approach.

Fresh fish

Greeks and their love for fresh fish are known by everyone. The local people are known for including fish in their meals from ancient times. Calamari fish and fresh fish are loved because of their taste and it does not take much effort to cook. The fish is grilled to make them taste even better lemon & oil dressing is added on the top.

Courgette balls (kolokythokeftedes)

Looking for a starter? Well! This is what you need to try. It is a lightly fried ball or you can say it is a type of a fritter. The fritter is made from grated or pureed blended with mint, dill, or several spices. Some like to have it with tzatziki which gives an added freshness to the meal.

Honey & baklava

Greeks are known for their love for sweets. The pastry is known for the combination of honey and olive oil which even includes ground nuts.

Well! These are just a few of the classic traditional greek dishes which you should give a try. If you have any of your’s favorite, please share us in the comment section.

Have a Happy Eating!

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