Which greek dishes to order for – ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ and ‘Dinner’?

Which greek dishes to order for - ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ and ‘Dinner’?
Greek food

Which greek dishes to order for – ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ and ‘Dinner’?

So if you are new in Greece and do not know what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you are on the right page. Since we are going to present with the worth of trying greek dishes that are to be eaten in the morning afternoon and the night. When people are willing to try the greek food, then they want to approach the best greek restaurant Sydney. And if you are also finding the same, then do not forget to visit the Skros greek restaurant.


  • Eliopsomo

It is a type of bread with is customarily enjoyed with the following:

  • A lot of feta cheese
  • Sun-dried cherry tomatoes
  • Caramelised Onion ( You can choose the raw if it fits your taste)

You can yourself imagine the taste of this dish with the knowledge of its ingredients:

  • Black Olives
  • Onions
  • Rosemary

Have water in the mouth? Then what are you waiting for? Even Skyros is waiting for you.

  • Pischies

So wanting to eat something sweet this morning? Then why not. You can commence with the best sweet and light greek dish named Pischies. It is a kind of fried pastry that has the filling of butter along with cinnamon and sugar. Not satisfied yet? Then you can add your favourite syrup over the top of it and sprinkle some crushed almonds or other dry fruits to enhance the taste.

  • Bougatsa

Bougatsa satisfies your cravings if you want to eat something that is both sweet and spicy. It can be of two types:

  • Cheese Bougatsa
  • Custard bougatsa


  • Moussaka

This is the greek dish which has almost all the flavours. The unique layers of the potatoes, zucchini and the meat when complemented with the bechamel sauce and the nutmeg powder becomes something which we want to taste again and again.

  • Mesimeriano

If you are confused between the choice of the chicken and the fish, then Mesimeriano is what we should be ordering. Since it includes both the chicken and the grilled fish which has your favourite element in association and that is feta cheese. To make it even more authentic, the salad of juicy olives is sprinkled over it.


  • Souvlaki

Nobody wants to eat heavy in the dinner, But yes, nobody wants to compromise with the taste as well. For this souvlaki is a dish which most of the tourists or the greek natives order during the dinner. This is the grilled meat which is served with the tzatziki and the warm pitta.

  • Spanokopita

Some people do not like to consume meat for dinner. For this, they always end up ordering spanakopita, which is a savoury pastry filled with the delicious fillings of the spinach and the feta cheese. It is light and at the same time fills your tummy.

Final thoughts

Since you know what is to be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now you would not be confused about what to order when you visit a Greek restaurant.

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