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Skyro's Greek Meze is Known For Its Origin in Antiquity and Following the Nature of Greek Eating and Drinking. At Our Restaurant, Your Dining Experience is as Memorable as it is Paired With the Best Atmosphere and Food

Greek Food Sydney: Nothing brings people together like good food, Good Mood.


Best Greek Restaurant Sydney: Skyros Greek Meze

Skyro’s Greek Food - Home of Authentic Greek Food

Greek Restaurant in Sydney, Now is the time to live and enjoy the moment and set goals for the future. For a relaxed and enjoyable time, dine-in at our restaurant be it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We take pride in ourselves serving the customers with delicious and flavorsome Greek food Sydney.

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Skyros greek meze most loved dishes

Smashed Avocado On Toast


Enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast baked in our restaurant by the best chef.




All gyros are wrapped in Pita bread that comes with ingredients like chips, onions, tomato, and delicious sauce.


Traditional Moussaka


Best traditional greek dish with oven baked layers of Potato, Lamb mince, and eggplant with Bechamel baked in Tomato Sauce.


Hot Chocolate


Sip on hot chocolate with your breakfast or with lunch to make the entire meal special.



Our menu

Freshest and Healthiest Dishes

Welcome to Skyros greek maze for an exciting dining experience.

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$4.00 Lemon Lime Bitter / Ginger Beer / Tropical Mango / Pink Grapefruit

Spring valley juice

$4.00 Apple / Mango Banana / Pineapple / Orange / Apple & Blackcurrants

Vegetarian Pita

$7.50 Eggs cooked to your liking with Mushroom, Spinach on Pita served with your choice of sauce

Egg on toast

$10.00 Fried / Scrambled / Poached

Breakfast burger

$10.00 Roll topped with Beef Patty, Egg, Bacon, Cheese & Choice of sauce

Vegetarian open Plate (V)

$20.00 Grilled Halloumi, Zucchini, Eggplant & Spinach

Feta chips (V)

$9.00 Chips with crumbled Feta & Oregano

Traditional moussaka

$18.00 Oven baked layers of Potato, Eggplant and Lamb mince with Bechamel baked in a rich Tomato Sauce
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