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Best Greek Cuisine Sydney: Skyros Greek Meze

Our History: Skyros Greek Meze - Founded In 1890

Best Greek Cuisine Sydney, Inspired by the traditions and heritage of the Greek islands and mainland, the Skyros Greek Meze has been one of Sydney's beloved Greek restaurants. We serve the customers with rustic Greek cuisine and a variety of dishes and appetizers that include gyros, traditional moussaka, and cheese, wild greens, fresh fish, and burger.

We aim to celebrate the lifestyle and food that represents flavours and a healthy way of living. The warm and pleasant environment of our restaurant makes the guests feel welcomed.

about us

Our Methodology

Live. Love. Eat Healthy

Unique Cuisine

After all, why taste something which you have tried many times when you can try something new every time.

Fresh food

Skyros Greek Meze is known for serving customers with fresh and authentic Greek food for every dish they want.


Refreshing and soothing drinks to make your meal perfect. We offer the customers with a variety of options to choose from.

Served on time

Skyros Greek meze is famous among customers because of quality service. Our staff ensures to serve you on time.

Greek Traditional dishes

We have everything from traditional to something unique. Visit us once to have the seasonal feel-good favorites at our restaurant.


Try our special cappuccino, latte, flat white, or long black. We ensure to make everything with perfection which you have never tried before.

What we stand for

Our core Values

Provide Unique Eating Experience.

We want to discover the best flavors, tastes, and recipes from around the world and start sharing it with you. We want to make even a simple dish taste the best.

To sell food fast and in a friendly environment.

Our mission is to give customers quality food. This is true, there is nothing that brings people together like a meal.

Satisfying Customers with each visit.

At Skyros Greek meze, we love to cook delicious dishes enriched with flavors. Visit us for positive vibes and have feel-good food!

What our customers say

Words from our esteemed clients

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