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  • June 2, 2021


Greek food for summers – Gemista, Tourlou Tourlou and Dolmadakia

As we all know, no sooner the summer approaches than the natives start enjoying the beauty of the season. The Greeks wait all winter long for doing things like wearing sunglasses, visiting the beaches and the water parks and last but not the least ‘ENJOYING THOSE DELICIOUS SUMMER DELIGHTS’. So in today’s article, we shall be discussing some of the most adorable and lovable greek summer dishes.


  • Gemista is one of the staple dishes that are made in the geek culture.
  • This dish is highly nutritious as it contains a variety of vegetables that have extreme health benefits like zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants. This is the tastiest way to make the boring vegetables worth consuming.
  • Once filled with the herbs seasonings and rice or meat, these are baked in the oven to get a good blend of the flavours.
  • If you are a cheese lover, then you can surely consider using the feta cheese which gives you the mesmerising flavour once it is melted.


  • This is the traditional variety of greek food. It has the taste and the charm that can make you feel addicted to it.
  • The highly presentable dish which when placed in front of the eyes, does tempt you with its look.
  • These are made by using the vine leaves. The vine leaves are the hero ingredient of this dish.


Years before, the mothers were worried about the diet of their children. The children being children, only like to eat something tasty. So the mothers knew the health benefits of the vine leaves and thought of an interesting, unique and tasty way to feed their children with the vine leaves. The result we know as the DOLMADAKIA.

  • The interesting part of this dish is that it can be a favourite for anyone. Whether you are a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, this dish can be your favourite as you can choose the stuffing of your choice.
  • The vegetarian version includes the filling of the different kinds of onions (spring and red), garlic and other kinds of herbs.
  • These are enjoyed along with the tzatziki sauce and the plain yoghurt.
  • If you are preferring it for your breakfast, then you should consider consuming it with the sauce made of mint and the yogurt

Shrimp Saganaki

  • As from the name itself, you have got the idea that it is a kind of seafood. And obviously, it is worth experimenting with the different recipes of the seafood if your country is known for being surrounded by seas.
  • In these recipes, the shrimps are cooked along with the tomato sauce and several other herbs. The cooking is done in the pan.
  • It is admired by the people as their favourite kind of starter. But this surely does not mean that you cannot enjoy it for the main course.
  • The feta cheese is an ingredient that can complement any kind of greek dish. If it is about the shrimp saganaki, it becomes even more suggestive to include since it provides a creamier texture.

Tourlou Tourlou

  • The literal meaning of the tourlou tourlou is getting everything mixed up. Since this dish is an unbeatable combination of the variegated essential nutrients, then the name justifies it.
  • This is the best version of all the dishes that you have stored in your refrigerator. So if it is a day when you have so many items in your fridge and you do not want to waste them. So you can consider cooking all of them together which will result in tourlou tourlou.

Watermelon and feta cheese

No, it’s not an awkward and puking-like dish. It needs your try. And as soon as you take the first bite, you are sure to finish all of that in one go. So it is advised not to get scared in trying the awkward combinations. Greek food items may sound weird, but their taste can never be disappointing.

Bottom Line

So the above-mentioned recipes must have caught your attraction and you surely will be willing to taste any of these. These dishes are specially reserved for the summer season. There are so many other summer varieties that may make you feel awkward by hearing about the combinations. But once you try that, then you are sure to fall in love with them.

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