What are the food options you should try at your favorite Greek restaurant?

What are the food options you should try at your favorite Greek restaurant
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What are the food options you should try at your favorite Greek restaurant?

Most of the time, it is seen that people look for greek food recommendation as they are visiting the greek restaurant Syndey for the first time. You will notice that when you visit the greek restaurant they follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Almost all the greek dishes have a touch of tradition and they are loaded with vegetables.

Well! With time, there is the availability of a wide variety of dishes which includes greens, beans, and vegetables which are made differently. One of the main components of the greek meal is fish which is the reason for added nutrient level in greek cuisine.

Greek food options which you need to give a try at Greek restaurant.

  • Tomatokeftedes

This dish contains tomato and herb croquettes, which is a must-try when you visit the greek restaurant.

  • Politiki salad

Shredded red and white cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, peppers, and garlic

  • Fasolia Plaki

Oven-baked lima beans are combined with vegetables and herbs.

  • Grilled Kalamarakia

It is calamari grilled which you can enjoy at any time of the day.

  • Mushrooms Kalitsounia

It comes with a homemade dough wrapped around mushrooms and herbs.

  • Prasopita

It contains fennel, leek & Greek cheese wrapped in filo.

  • Aginares Skaras

Artichoke halves are skewered and char-grilled. For the dressing, there is a need for lemon zest, capers, and olive oil.

  • Lentin salad

It is loaded with baby greek lentils which come with roasted red pepper, herbs, olive oil, feta cheese, and topped with baby spinach.

  • Cretan dakos

It contains whole wheat bread rusk, feat cheese, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, chopped & grated tomatoes.

  • Horta

It contains balanced fresh dandelion greens which are topped with olive oil.

  • Dako

It contains cretan crunchy wheat bread topped with feta cheese, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and topped with oregano.

  • Horta

This is loaded with greens endives which are topped with lemon and olive oil.

  • Gigandes

It contains lima beans which are baked with tomato sauce and on the top olive oil is drizzled along with onions, basil, and garlic.

  • Spanakopita

If you are a spinach lover or always look for greens then you should try this pie.

  • Piperies

It is loaded with roasted shishito peppers, lemon, greek sea salt, Urfa pepper, Urfa pepper, and smoke tzatziki.

  • Kounoupithi

It contains roasted cauliflower florets, lemon juice, chili flake, Kefalograviera mousse, and summer herbs.

  • Yogurt With Honey

Yogurt with honey is one of those combinations which you should miss out on. The Greek-style goat’s milk yogurt with Thyme Honey from Kythera.

  • Sardines

The Mediterranean sardines which fresh and charcoal-broiled are added and served along with lemon, olive oil, and sprinkled with oregano.

  • Patzaria psita

It is made of roasted beets rubbed with olive oil. The filling is done of feat mousse and mint.

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