What all do you need to know about Classic and traditional greek foods?

What all do you need to know about Classic and traditional greek foods?
Greek food

What all do you need to know about Classic and traditional greek foods?

Let’s help you explore the world of traditional & classic greek food

Greek cuisine is one of a kind

The history associated with Greek food is for a long time. A variety of different dishes, be it zesty salads, tender grilled meat, syrup pastries, and fresh fish, everything can be easily found at your favorite Greek restaurant Sydney. Being the island, the Mediterranean diet is what everyone loves to have. Additionally, the climate allows farming and viticulture to be done in the right approach.

Greek dishes are known for the addition of high & fresh quality ingredients. The fresh herbs and the family recipes are what make the entire dish even better. It is basically like a foodie’s heaven as it is one of the healthiest and world-famous cuisines.

Do you know?

The availability of fresh seafood has been there for over 10,000 years. If you are a seafood lover then you should not miss out on greek cuisine.

Blend of classic ingredients

Traditional Greek food and core ingredients classic include the staple items like olive oil and herbs (thyme, oregano, and rosemary are the most preferred ones). Besides, there are fish, lamb, pork, cheese, tomatoes, beef, shrimp, and wine.

Some of the other greek specialties are cheese, honey, olive oil, sausage, baklava, and yogurt. When you visit your favorite restaurant you are going to find the best food options, which you cannot resist ordering every time.

Meze (Shared Starters and Appetizers)

Mezedes (Meze) are small shared plates that are the same as that of the meze of Cyprus and tapas in Spain. You can order them as starters or enjoy them with your wine. It is up to you whether you want to have it as a casual meal.

Meze helps you to prepare you for the full stomach and you will be prepared when the rest of the meal comes. In most cases, it comes with bread & you can dip it. These are served on small-sized plates.

Traditional Greek foods

Once the meze is finished, you can order the full-course meal. It depends on where you are present or in which restaurant you are. You can get a range of options to choose from like roasted pork, grilled lamb chops, and fresh-caught mullet.

Around the island area, you get to enjoy the fresh seafood and in the northern greek part, you can find the pork & red meat which makes your diet properly. This way it ensures that the customers are getting the right type of food that is fresh and perfect in taste.

Regional favorites

Regional favorites are worth the try. If you try this option, it is like getting to know more about the local ingredients. Some of the specialties are fava beans, cherry tomatoes, and assyrtiko grapes.

Greek salads

Greek people and love for their salad is something which will stay for many years. This is what makes their meal well-balanced. Greek salad is known by the term village salad or xoriatiki Salata.


To complete your meal you need to try the dessert options. Greek bakeries have their secrets to make the sweets and pastries. To make a good impression on the guests, you will be served with greek sweets when you visit their home.

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