What are the topmost health secrets of Greek Food shared by the professionals?

What are the topmost health secrets of Greek Food shared by the
Greek restaurant

What are the topmost health secrets of Greek Food shared by the professionals?

Greece is known for its unmatched beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Well, not only it provides scenic beauty but it even offers you rich and delectable food. One of the finest ingredients is used in making greek food. From the salad to the main course everything is made just with perfection at the greek restaurant.

In this blog, we will take you through some of the interesting health secrets which Greeks restaurant used to make their food delicious and presentable.

  • Olive oil is the main ingredient

The oil used for making any dish should be the best. Olive oil is extracted by pressing the olives and it is the finest option that comes long with sharp fruit flavor. The oil does not have any presence of hazardous chemicals or industrial refining. The taste & quality is improved because of the variety of olives used in it and the way it is grown. In Greece, you can find the best options for olives. The oil should be extracted with the help of the cold-pressing technique. Just a drizzle or the splash of the oil is enough to make the dish mouth-watering & healthier.

  • Go with fresh and seasonal ingredients to get the burst of flavors

Greeks use fresh vegetables and fruits which give a nice color to the dish & make the entire dish palatable. Greek dishes depict simplicity. Vegetables can be served raw or toasted with mild spices which do not affect the actual flavor. Greek desserts are loaded with fresh fruits or they can be served as preserved. Greek chefs believe that adding too many flavors will destroy the taste of the entire dish.

  • Locally produced ingredients are organic

Greek dishes are filled with organic and local ingredients. One of the main ingredients is honey. Honey is the best option as compared to refined sugar and it is used in many desserts. Even the vegetables used are fresh & homegrown like spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, and aubergine. You will find lemon and olive trees in Greece easily. One of the delectable dishes which is made using olive is, it is stuffed with honey and dipped in Cabernet-honey syrup.

  • Simplicity at its best

Greek people follow the approach of simplicity. Not just simple but they are healthy also like grilling, steaming, and roasting. Greek dishes are cooked light which includes limited heavy sauces & spices. The dishes have fresh tomato puree and the best spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and many other options to make the dish taste the best.

  • Herbs are a great option

The greek mountains have a plethora of local wild herbs and spices. The inclusion of fresh herbs will make a boring dish liked by everyone. For instance, the herbs used are dill, oregano, thyme, and dill.

  • Have some red wine

Greece is known for its classic wine-producing regions and it is famous for around 6500 years. The Greece climate is favorable for growing a variety of grapes which makes the best quality red wine. Research has shown that wine consumption is beneficial as it contains essential antioxidants.

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