What is the delectable and mouth-watering greek food which you should try?

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What is the delectable and mouth-watering greek food which you should try?


Looking to visit exotic locations, then Greece should top your list. In that case, Greece is home to many amazing dishes. However, many people are not aware of greek food and Mediterranean cuisine. From mouth-watering meat to dips & salads, then are several toothsome dishes which you can give a try. If you are going to visit the cafe in Sydney of greek restaurant in Sydney for the first time, then you should try the food options mentioned in this blog.

  • Moussaka

Moussaka is a Greek dish whose main ingredient is meat. To make it delicious and best, the method of slow cooking is preferred. The minced meat is added with beef, tomato sauce, and for layering eggplants, aubergines, and creamy bechamel sauce is added. This dish is famous for its taste and the way it is cooked enhances the flavors.

  • Souvlaki

The greek word souvlaki means ‘meat on skewer’ and it is one of the dishes which is added to the greek menu no matter what. For this dish, beef, chicken, or lamb is seasoned properly. It is fried and while serving some french fries are added along with vegetables with tzatziki sauce. To serve it, it is added in pita bread. Some of the restaurants might serve you this on skewers and pita bread is on the side.

  • Keftedes

Keftedes is the traditional greek dish which is served in the form of an appetizer. The meatballs are extremely tasty and they are served in the form of a starter along with creamy sauce and pita bread is added. However, it can be turned into a main dish and you can serve it along with crunchy salad or rice. This dish is simple to make.

  • Amygdalota

If you are conscious about what you eat on the vacation or you want to have something nutritious, then give these cookies a try. It contains almonds which makes it healthy and tasty. It is an important part of the food culture and you can have these biscuits with coffee or tea (some prefer to have it with milk). You may find this delicious yet healthy snack at festivals.

  • Tomatokeftedes

Are you a vegetarian and looking for a greek dish? Well, we have covered everything for you. It is one of the appetizer dishes which is loaded with drained tomatoes, mixed with onion & mint. They are served in the form of fritters by deep-frying them. While serving it contains tzatziki sauce along with pita bread. It is one of the greek dishes which you need to give a try.

  • Feta Me Meli

Feta Me Meli is served as an appetizer and dessert. The dish is prepared in the oven & it is wrapped in feta cheese with the batter of filo pastry dough. Once, it is prepared, for better taste, honey is added which gives a sweet and savory taste. Give it a try to have an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

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